Remix of the Remix of the Remix… Remix Competion

NOW thru Friday April 20th, 2007

The ROTROTROTR has begun. Who hasn’t always wanted to do a remix of Pretty Tony AKA Ghostface Killah , Metal Face AKA MFDoom, Coke n’ Wet AKA Spankrock, the ever so lovely Amanda Blank, The Black Boy George AKA Pack of Rats, Chalk Dustin’ AKA Jon1000, and Nobody’s Child AKA NBC? So let’s share the wealth. Acapellas are available on this page. These are not the full acapellas. We aren’t stupid. You’ll get the whole acapella if you are one of the semifinalists of the contest. There are 8 bars from each emcee on the song and the BPM is stated in the title of the file name/song title. Once songs are submitted to us via email or ninjas, we will post them weekly on the website for the universe to hear. On April 20th we will announce who has made it to the semifinalist round and send out the full acapellas.

Acapellas and more info here

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