Sound in Color interview for SlamXHype


Sound in Color – Label Profile.
By: JoDonuts, NYC
March ‘07

Sound in Color is a progressive record label coming out of LA focused on music and arts. From the beginning, they’ve concentrated on a fresh aesthetic to compliment a hefty roster of solid releases. Apart from working alongside Detroit masterminds, Wu-Tang gods, and punk pioneers, they’ve also built solid relationships in the streetwear game. This is probably the ONLY record label that is going to supply merchandise through retail outlets like Brooklyn Projects, Grey One, and Arrive. In this interview, we find about a little bit more of what S.I.C has to offer not only the music game, but the street game as well.

SLAMX: Why do SlamXHype street culture purveyors around the globe NEED to know about Sound in Color?
SIC: Sound In Color is focused on representing the best in audio + visual representation. Be it, apparel, records, graphics, they all have a relevance in our culture of style and sound. We showcase great creative, period.

SLAMX: And is that one geographic region you’re showcasing?
SIC: Worldwide

SLAMX: So where is sound in color based?
SIC: Los Angeles based, with worldwide roots

SLAMX: Can you tell us a bit about your music & fashion projects?
SIC: Overall, we work with people who champion good music and apparel. For example, on the label side, we have releases with Ghostface, Spacek, Sa-Ra, and now Fishbone, while also championing the next-level sounds of Exile, Ta’Raach, MHE, and Blu. On the Apparel side, our focus is on key retailers that go that extra mile to showcase the best gear. Folks like Arrive Miami, Fred Segal Street, Grey One, Brooklyn Projects, and online with Digital Gravel.

SLAMX: Is this just merchandising or are you trying to break in to the streetwear market?
SIC: Not at all. we have been involved in the clothing market for some time. My business partners and I have been in the music and apparel industries for several years. I guess its a combination of our talents and skills, on some Voltron s#it!

SLAMX: So how are the cultures merging around the west coast?
SIC: It is starting to get a bit better, actually… Southern California is HUGE. in the past, it was so difficult to have that kind of synergy in the scene, because you had to drive a few hours in either direction to support brands and music. There are a lot of good people and companies joining the marketplace daily

SLAMX: joining or flooding? Brands are popping up like whack rappers daily…
SIC: True that… but with competition come choices and a healthy dose of checking yourself that you stay on top of your game…
it’s inevitable that more and more folks are gonna join the race… everyone seems to rap, make beats, or design these days….
you can thank Apple for that…

SLAMX: Yes you can.
SIC: Now it’s all about making great tools for you to have better chances in the economy…
SIC: I saw a really dope piece with Ice-T some years back, and the crazy thing is that he was talking about how the digital revolution was coming (this was about 7 – 10 years ago) and that it would give kids an even playing field… a chance to compete on a global level and record that album in your bedroom, design that next brand, etc…

SLAMX: I saw Ice-T at a Bombay Sapphire tribute to DJ Premier two weeks ago… I should have asked him about new media development.
SIC: Totally…he was ahead of the curve.

SLAMX: Maybe Coco knows something about strategic marketing.
SIC: LMAO, strategic on that ass!

SLAMX: So beyond Ice T and Coco’s perspective on the game, you have the advantage of working with both boutique fashion environments and an independent music scene. Where do YOU think this is all going?
SIC: Digital, I’d say… Even though we have some incredible stores here, and I personally enjoy going to a retail store for the experience, new brands can establish themselves online. I totally love the digital interaction…

SLAMX: True, ‘Nuff said… so what’s the latest music release?
SIC: Well, the newest release is Ta’Raach & The Lovelution – “The Fevers”, it’s a gritty, bouncy, and head bouncing masterpiece from Detroit’s own, Ta’Raach.

SLAMX: Tell more…
SIC: Ta’Raach is a the real deal. Grew up making music with in the Dirty D. Started a group with Waajed, Elzhi, and Dwele. Worked with Dilla as an artist on “Welcome 2 Detroit” album, recorded with Carl Craig and Amp Fiddler…
‘Nuff said, this man is the real deal… We are championing his music and Lovelution movement..
SIC: We also have a Fishbone record coming out in April!

SLAMX: how did you hook that up
SIC: To make a long story short, one of our SIC collaborators, Jason Sugars, has known them for many many years… And Jason and I were O.G. Rude Boys in LA back back back in the day…

SLAMX: Isn’t that a little left-field for Sound in Color?
SIC: I wouldn’t say left-field for SIC, because we are committed to releasing all kinds of GOOD music.

SLAMX: So how are you going to make it fit? does this open up a whole new side of the industry for you?
SIC: We are making it fit by introducing their audience to our catalog and wonderful artists and vice-versa, you may be seeing some sweet collabos soon, as in a Fishbone remix by Exile, Daz-I-Kue, and a few other surprises…

SLAMX: What?!
SIC: Yes’sir!

SLAMX: What about events
SIC: WMC we will have some representation, Daz-I-Kue and Ta’Raach will be there
SIC: several Fishbone parties in April
SIC: a big LA party in May that will blow the roof of this town…
SIC: and a real summer block party in downtown LA for a forthcoming compilation: Block Party Music Vol.1 (featuring The Earl)
SIC: on the Apparel end… looking to do something in London in July with Bijules and the Exposure folks, Spring collection is shipping soon…Summer collection is just about finished…some busy times right now, but blessed to be in the mix of it all with my business partners Louis, Chanshine, and Bee

SLAMX: So no NYC events?
SIC: Yes, working on something for Ta’Raach in May.

SLAMX: Mixtape Riot?
SIC: Right

SLAMX: How do you fell about NYC?
SIC: NYC is going through a nice renaissance of sorts with apparel and music, lot’s of movement and energy. Lot’s of fly people out an about, old school folks resurfacing, new school kids taking chances.. It’s all lovely.

SLAMX: See if we can’t help him get some more shows out here..he Dj’s too right?
SIC: he’s nice on the decks

SLAMX: what kind of sets?
SIC: hip hop and beats

SLAMX: So what track are you going to give to all the slamxhype readers for getting this far into interview?

SLAMX: Yeah do the shout out thing…
SIC: Shout outs to Louis, Chanshine, Bee, Sandra, Jay, Stephan, Ben, Jeff, Kellen, Zach, Jonah, and Jenna at Sound In Color.. The whole Dezeinhaus squad (Dez, Lord Rick, Hamztz, Zeke), and you (reading this) for checking out Sound In Color. Also, Thank you and the whole Slamxhype fam… One, SIC

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