Synapse Surprise B-Day w/ Kool Herc @ Nublu

Synapse at TasteBK loft party.

DJ Synapse, is no easy man to fool.

When his beautiful fiance Jen asked us to help put together a surprise party for his birthday yesterday, there was no doubt in my mind that this was going to be tough.

I mean, how the hell do you promote a party in New York and get it by Synapse?? The man knows everyone and everything going on at all times. Luckily, this all came about while he was down at the Shore club partying at WMC. Here’s the story on how we got to throw the private party of a lifetime for one of the realest DJ’s in New York, our friend Synapse.

Keep an eye out for the photos coming soon;)

1. Location
We picked Nublu, a speakeasy bar/lounge type venue in the Lower Manhattan’s Alphabet City, home to The Brazilian Girls, Kudu, Wax Poetic, and countless brilliant DJ’s and Musicians from across the globe. It also happens to be within a couple of blocks from me and Katie’s apartments, so we had some location leverage.

2. Lineup
We stacked the bill with a few of Synapse’s closest friends, Jedi, Gravy, Morsy, Equal, and Rob Flow. There had to be a special guest for our special guest, so Fubz and our boy Sean pulled some strings to get the legendary Kool Herc to come through for a set!

3. Design
Kiva banged out a great flyer that I thought was going to end of the surprise. Luckily enough, it stayed in the hands of our close friends and didn’t make it to the masses.

4. Invite
With the setup in place, we went on stealth mode with the invites. Katie and Jen pulled the lists together and kept them top-secret. The whole time I’m thinking “the second that first invite goes out it’s over.”
Jen sent out the email. Crickets for a couple of days, no worries really, people responded and we were all good.

5. The Setup
I hit Dave up on Monday around 11, we’re both at our offices, he’s putting together the email to invite some friends to his house Saturday. Shit, I hop on the phone to holler at Jen and Katie. Smart ass girls got it covered, he CC’ed everyone on the invite and Jen replied back to everyone in minutes directing them to Nublu. Thinking we put the flames out, no one stopped to think, “man…Synapse must be mad depressed cause everybody saying they’re out of town and won’t come to his party”

The week went by, all quiet on the Lower East-ern front, Friday I go to check out Equal up at Sutra, swapping his night with Center. Meanwhile, Synapse is dumbed out on the couch watching Borat for the first time.

The Day of reckoning.

Through magical powers, Jen misdirected this guy around all day. Lunch in the city, a stop at Turntable Lab, then a birthday massage in the East Vil. That would keep him busy until 6:30. The whole time, 6 people are running around getting food, Serato boxes, needles, records, dj’s, things to hold the food in, everyone on the phone, shit is hectic. Mean while, homey’s getting the qui-gong from some she-man Korean off Bowery.

The plan was: I go to meet him after this massage and walk to Katie’s house, right by Nublu mind you, to get her car and drive out to Synapse crib for his birthday party. But, she wouldn’t get there until 7:15. We’d stop by my house and bullshit for a second then hit Katie’s “when she got back home”.

It goes down proper. I get Synapse back to my place and chill downstairs where there’s no t-mobile service. He’s sitting across from me reading the new Fader and I’m back in forth with Katie on the textin’ cause I got Verizon and it’s like that in the downstairs. There’s 40 people holding their breath 2 blocks away and Synapse is sitting in front of me. I’m loving it. I was going to post a bulletin but I didn’t want to jeopardize the covert op.

Out the door. We’re “walking to Katie’s”. I tell Dave we’re going to stop by Nublu and grab a bottle of whiskey from the bar for his birthday (I’m just that cool I can walk in to a bar and grab a bottle and leave, yeah Dave). We get to the steps, he follows me in, open the curtain….

I thought he was going to die.
Someone even hit the drum roll and a quick break on the kit. (that was great)
Synapse stood there stuck. No expression. He looked like he was going to turn around and walk out the door. After about a minute he took a step forward and the noise settled a bit. The music came on and we warmed up the room.

The food was delicious. The DJ’s were dope. Mad weed smokin’ out back, friends, fam, drinking, dancing, the whole night was special and the vibe was off the hook. Later on we closed out the night with what was supposed to be a quick 10-15 minute set appearance by Kool Herc. Turned out that Herc played for close to an hour and ended up spinning for a super lucky Saturday night crowd who showed up early, on the tail end of our private party. A resident Nublu DJ, MKL, took over and we all headed out an hour and a half after schedule at 11:30.

We work hard to throw good parties and bring good people, nothing could be more special than having the chance to do it for such a good friend. Even if he did bitch about not getting to spin.
You got some good friends out there homey, happy to be one of them.

Super special thanks and shout outs are definitely in place for Jen, Katie, Fubz, Sean, Scott, Jedi, Gravy, Morsy, Kool Herc, Nublu, and everyone who showed up. You’re all fuckin’ great and thank you.

Happy Birthday Synapse!
What’s next?
(more info at

April 19- Back to Nublu for Blitz, Evil Dee, and the Real Live Show
April 28- Downtown Loft Party!!!!
May- Beautiful/Decay issue release w/ Equal & Synapse on the bill!
May- The New Pop party
June – Art-Force-One Exhibition and opening reception
also in June: Equal hits Europe with Adam Deitch!!

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