CSS X Yo Majesty! Irving plaza gettin crunk!!!


Off the chain. All photography by my Samsung cell phone.


I saw CSS this time last year when they came to town and hung out with them for an interview up their hotel room. They were typical fun-loving Brazilian music cats, a little wet-in-the-ears, hyped to death off the growing celebrity. Right after signing to Sub-Pop, the label that broke Nirvana, Sound Garden, and more recently Postal Service, the baile-pop-rock CSS came to the states for a list of shows with high profile DJs.

After their past year of touring, press, and fashionista living, the myspace hypemachines turned in to an all out fucking rockstar band. I was seriously impressed. The stage presence grew to room domination. There was a new strength in the band, the musicians were tuned in, no more dub-tracks, no weak communication. Just sheer performance and excitement. A proper respect is due to the group for seriously stepping up their game and really taking it up a notch.


It was a treat to see them set it off that night, but we were there for the sure-shot homegirls of Yo’ Majesty.

Shunda, Jwl-B, and Shon-B are the illest. Yo Majesty 4 life.

I was nervous when Shunda told me about the show, I’ve seen a lot of openers crash and burn at Irving Plaza…it’s not an easy room. NYC is probably the hardest city to rock in the world, I don’t know for sure, but everyone seems to feel that way. So maybe the reason I love Yo Majesty so much is because they are seriously THE ONLY GROUP I have seen CONSISTENTLY turn out EVERY crowd they’ve been in front of in New York, and damned if it didn’t stand true for this last night with CSS. Oh my god. They stepped out looking fresh to death in all the gear our friend styled them with from Kilo Goods, Nike, Mishka, Rocksmith, shit was off the HOOK!

They didn’t waste a second, DJ Mel dropped the beat and JWL went straight in to her gospel-crunk vocal, it’s somewhere between the ranting of James Brown and the jabber of ODB, with a little choir girl thrown in. Shunda came on tearin it up, of course, and Shon just fell back and keep it all together with the perfect ad-libs and quick tongue verses.

They did like 5 songs, perfect. The whole crowd was open, the vibe was dope. We ran back up to the dressing room and went straight back to the fridge, Henny and Corona status. It’s a fly life.


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