Rhyme and Reason (1997) *FULL LENGTH STREAMING

Most hip hop documentaries are the same, some flicks of the Cold Crush vs. Fantastic 5 battle, KRS talking about the Bronx, subway grafitti…

Well, not to say that Rhyme and Reason strays far from the format, but the content is GREAT! It’s all familiar faces, Ice-T, KRS, Salt N Pepa, talking about blah blah…BUT, where else you going to see Redman cipher in Jersey City, Meth talk about Wu and Shaolin with the crew in ski-masks, Craig Mack rappin’ in his kitchen…

This shit is great.


Oh…I got this on a website called TV-Links.co.uk go ahead and waste a lot of time…

*UPDATE: OMG, Watch this just to see Puffy wearing a Dashiki behind a desk!!!

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