Band Watch: Sports

You know Nick Hook? That guy? He’s that guy…You know, with the long red hair? C’mon, you know him, we saw him at….

SPORTS! is the DJ trifecta with Nick Hook of indie-tronica supergroup Men Women and Children, DJ Glue of Cardboard City, of the left field Def Jux-ish hip hop underground, and Daryl Palumbo, singer in Glassjaw, HeadAutomatica, and guitarist of United Nations.

Together, the three musicians form voltron as unsuspecting dancefloor pros. Through the mashed-mixes of off-brand hip hop circa ’89, to indie-rock, to wobbly-bottom end remixes from UK stars Sinden & Switch, these three bring together the core element of all genres, the beat… in tune and on time.

The debut mix CD “I’m Hungry” (without Casio for early review), is great work of muchos styles, pushed by an energy to make a great product. I’m sure that you’ll be able to cop that at Turntable Lab in the next couple of months, if not weeks.

Listening to: Nick Hook – Winter 06 Mix

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