10 songs with Juini Booth

This is a new piece we’re going to do.

Here we play 10 random songs off iTunes, with our (musically gifted) friends, and see what they say.

Juini kicked it with me in the office, his tall blonde friend came to help him post an ad on Craigslist. Together, they came up with subject lines like, “Bass needs home” and “Bass needs place“. They continued to the text body to put in the details of the public query, “Fair amount of touring, for short periods of time, need an elevator or a ground level“. When the girl asked why he needed an elevator, Juini promptly responded, “Because I play an upright bass, are you carrying it up the stairs?”.

With the credentials to have blonde roadies in-tow, Juini is fairly modest about his career occasionally asking “So when we gonna get that swimming pool I’ve been talking about“. The past was Art Blakey and Sun Ra, now you catch Juini playing with Ilhan Ersahin and Deantoni Parks on any given Nublu night.

Here’s what Juini thinks about 10 Songs.

Robert Glasper – Tribute
This one puts you in a mood like a rainy day, and uh…
It paints colors in your head that are not visibly there.

Escort – Karawane
Doesn’t do anything, makes me dance like this (looks like a caveman)
That pure disco fun, they have a real primal sense of how to turn people in to dancing animals.
Homo bankers get together and boogie to that shit.

Flying Lotus – Bad Actors
Envokes a sense of foreign intrigue, you hear it and feel like there is a spy in the mist.
The sounds are 007 style. Background music for spacey 70’s porn.

Justin Timberlake – My Love
Wants to be hip hop, Jackson’s on reds…dropped some reds. Almost, not inventive enough.
Kind of, in the right direction, look forward to more things from them.

Sinden & Switch (Solidgroove) – Overbooked
Reminds me of Kraftwerk, sounds like the American version of Kraftwerk. (told them they were from UK)
OH…sounds like a British version of, (girl asks why a british version) Because they’re british.

Santogold – Shuv It
Seems to be the infused with latin reggae and music from the carribean and the words that it implies
it’s cute and will be well liked by under 20.

Toubab Krewe – Asheville to Abidjan
Feel like I’m in a pot and there a bunch of people dancing around me. Has such a boiling point,
certainly arouse the senses. Sounds like Tarzan comes to Harlem.

U-Roy – Ace From Outer Space
Sounds like U-Roy!

What can I say about Daddy U-Roy, the reason why we got here.

Minnie Ripperton – Inside my Love (Look of Love Original)
Man that’s a sad story, she sang like a baby, like a little girl. She was so sweet.

LCD Soundsystem – Too much Love
Look forward to hearing them in person with a band. They create a hip ambience. It’s jazzy.
And that’s a compliment.

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