Band Watch: Tiombe Lockhart

Apparently the watch is in full-effect.

Tiombe Lockhart has more AKA’s then a confused MC. Maybe it’s because her oh-so-many different styles of her work, maybe it’s because of the oh-so-many friends. Either way, you only need to know one: Tiombe.

The Queen of Doom, (also the title of her latest EP), has been setting trails ablaze looking for a new sound. She caught the attention of soul-savvy listeners when she debuted with the future-soul & R&B greats Platinum Pied Pipers, where she fit in between the staggering kicks and claps of Wajeed’s production. Just don’t get it twisted, she’s not looking for the Rich Medina after-work soul party, she wants 18 year old skateboarders banging their heads to that shit and everyone in between.
Either way, skatepark or basement of APT on a Wednesday night, Tiombe’s latest is going to fit any context. Expect more noise from this southern beauty, especially now that she’s hit the cover of a little magazine called XLR8R.

Tiombe figuring out why the party’s getting busted at the Downtown Loft Party. Photo courtesy of Texas for

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