It’s like Music Fashion Week except for the less hot models, cheaper automobile manufacturing sponsors and way better music. Read on for the list of events we’re excited for this week, and a little about why.

ALSO, two events of our own we’re throwing in the mix of it all.

Read on for our Annual CMJ Picks this year in NYC. Note: These are the shows and parties, if you are super cool and have a badge you can find all of the panels here.

Tuesday, October 16


OM Records CMJ Showcase at Sullivan Room & Lions Den

This is tight, OM Records took over two good venues that happen to be completely different and right next door to each other. I’m looking forward to Strange Fruit Project and seeing all the DJ’s I have yet to see on OM’s latest roster. Should be a good time.

Sullivan Room (218 Sullivan)  and Lion’s Den (214 Sullivan)

Free with RSVP on

Spectre and Ioda / Spectre Digital Launch Party

Guaranteed to be a good time, and if you’ve made it this far in to the site you’re probably smart enough to be there. Spectre always has a nice roster of titles and Jessica is super cool, therefore, this party will be great and I’m glad. There is an open bar that I hope IODA is paying full price for and we shall keep it in thy hood.

RSVP Only – (doesn’t work)

HI FI Bar –

– Q-Tip & Blue Scholars

Man I wish this wasn’t $30 and someone outside of Q-Tip’s camp made it happen. Then, I wouldn’t have to spend a whole night, AND $30, waiting to hear Check The Rhyme. Even though, he’ll probably drop a whole set you’ve we’ve never heard of all the shelved material from the past 5 years.

Blender Theatre / $25 Adv. 9pm.
Imeem CMJ Showcase: Cool Kids, Craze & Klever, Cosmo Baker, Hollywood Holt

This one’s free but I know it’s going to be mobbed and the INVITE ONLY thing isn’t really going to hold up. Why? Well, because Imeem doesn’t have a NY office, therefore they probably will neglect having a door person equipped to handle a private party. Besides, why wouldn’t they want you to see Craze and Klever. If it’s that big a deal you can hit us up and we can get you in.

205 Chrystie & Stanton / Free / Rsvp:

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