Let’s get it poppin like it’s New Year’s Eve…

Back on to report the full scoop for all of your sexy selves, time’s have been busy. The past month with the residency has been HOT. In this little time, the caliber of artists coming through is seriously amazing. Wednesday at 205 is where it’s at.

Got three fresh issues up on if you wanna see what it’s lookin like. Gotta give it up to Tone, dude is such an ill photographer. Even if Paper likes this guy more. He’s fresh, I’m not mad at Nikola.

We’ve just wrapped up the 4th installment of KORRUPT. The music was amazing and the crowd was too, if you missed Betty Black’s performance, well… sorry, just don’t sleep.

And there is so much more on the way. I mean look at 1 year and the past few weeks…

1 Year 100 Artists

Feeling good feeling great, feeling great feeling good how are you?

xo, the crew

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