Shout Out: RCRD LBL


The music business is going crazy, and who knows Crazy better than Downtown Recordings. They just might have the temporary prescription to keep some artists AND fans happy. From the label that brought you Gnarls Barkely (hence the Crazy reference) comes a new shot at the way music is being released, and it might work.

RCRD LBL is a blog, or online magazine, actually just a dope website that looks kind of like a blog, that is giving you new music for free. OH WOW REALLY!? No really, it’s cool. The first slough of labels they’re bringing through are some major independents in the indie & electronic game, Kompakt, Ghostly, Warp, Modular and more. They also are bringing the niche guys up to the plate with Dirtybird, the wild fire techno stamp out of The Bay, and Turntable Lab, which, I don’t know what the hell is going on with that label.

The way it works is Downtown licenses these tracks, puts them out, gains an enthusiast market demographic and shops the advertising for $$$$. EX: If they’re giving up $2k for a Claude Vonstroke track, and running $40 per 1000 impressions… Do the math.
I don’t know the numbers, or if it’s going to work, but I do know I was happy to pull down a few tracks off the site today for free. You should give it a shot.

Big shout to Downtown for giving this a shot.


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