Back in August we bust it out in Vegas with a huge block party with the Hieroglyphics and like 10 million djs in 4 venues. The shining star of the evening was a man by the name of DJ MORSE CODE, who dropped arguably one of the best DJ sets we saw all summer. This evening he joins us and makes his first stop in New York a the party with Taste.

We also relocated our buddy Nick the Duke, who happens to be a designer of some of the flyest flyers you see us shooting around. It’s his birthday and the GBH guys wouldn’t buy him a cake, so we’re going to give him some french vanilla, butter pecan & chocolate deluxe, I mean, I don’t know if he could book a caramel sundae but ay, pull the swagger Duke, it’s your birthday…

On top of that, he’s bringing the other half of Cobra Kai, the one and only DJ Krames, I mean… That’s our boy, things is going to be official. Hopefully he plays this new stuff.

They’ve got some friends and family coming in like Frog aka Dances With White Girls, what a name. My indian name was Dances with Drinks, we’re also a bit excited to finally catch Cousin Cole who I always see over here.

Anyways… hope you can make it tonight.

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