Shout Out: Mophonics

Mophonics makes sound.

They make sound for advertising, they make sound for bands, they make sounds and put them all together and make money.

Mophonics creates original music for licensing, backed by a team of solid musicians, producers, businessmen and good people who enjoy a good time. The bi-coastal camp is responsible for placing their music in some of the larger advertising campaigns with clients including Apple, Axe and Scion. 

While the typical job for the team entails music production for commercial advertising pieces, the group is also responsible for producing & developing bands. With full recording capabilities in 3 major cities, it puts them in a good place to push fresh talent. Four Fifty One, and underage indie rock group, Mark Rae – the Yes King Soundsystem – Formerly known as Rae of Rae & Christian, are just a couple of the artists who have been working with the boys in Venice.

Just a couple sandwich shop doors away from the boardwalk of Venice Beach, you can find these guys up in a music barn on the beach equipped with pre-production & recording studio, big couches and offices and interns and toys and cd’s and desks and shit. Actually, it’s right by that famous Venice Beach skate spot that’s always covered in grafitti, then they got this little park below right next to it, like heaven. They’re chillin.


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