Very specialness…

Nublu, the Avenue C hideout filled with the brightest minds in music from across the globe, has been pulling the extraordinary out of their sleeve from day one. The speakeasy home of artists like NORAH JONES, BRAZILIAN GIRLS, KUDU, WAX POETIC and more…leaves businessmen, savvy music enthusiasts, fashion designers & their model friends, and The Taste Crew stumbling out at 4am with a story to tell.

On Saturday, December 15th, we think the story will be the best to date. Why? Because the godfathers are coming out…

Do you know about dub music? Well, quick run down – it was started by King Tubby & U-Roy in Jamaica. I said quick. Long story short, U-Roy is an OG vocalist…In 2005, Ilhan Ersahin, the owner of Nublu, tenor sax / keys / samples player, producer, and more got a hold of U-Roy for an album project. The sound – completely unique. A fusion of jazz, electronic & acoustic production, samples & U-Roy’s cosmic vocals.

Love Trio in Dub feat. U-Roy (Full Length) PREVIEW
Now…do you know about Techno? More specifically Detroit Techno? Well, quick run down – it was pretty much started by Underground Resistance. Don’t get it twisted, this is not Pacha fist-pumping trance for all you confused out there. We love electronic music with taste. Detroit techno is about as raw and ghetto as MOP. These guys kept it Underground for real, for real. Well, Nublu Records pulled off a little scheme and pulled these guys out of hiding and had 2 remixes commissioned for Underground Resistance on the latest Nublu Orchestra project.

Nublu Orchestra – Sketches of NYC 12′ (UNRELEASED)

So, Dub & Techno… What’s going on here…

Nublu has somehow managed to pack the little Avenue C outpost with a night of Love Trio in Dub featuring U-Roy with Underground Resistance DJ Dex. Wow….

Hit us up for your chance to get in free..


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