Cyana Style

We have yet to really dive in to the fashion reports, but with the tradeshows right around the corner, we’re thinking it’s about time to start getting some fresh updates on the site.

CyanaLab, a showroom, creative resource and all around fashion-eye based in LA, has been delivering the goods to our inbox on their RSS daily email for a few months now. I mean, we’ve known them for a half a year via. the United Tradeshow and our mutual clients Art-Force-One, but now they’re crushin it.

With a lovely updated blog on all things fashion, tech and fun, the little clique out West has a keen eye for unique developments in the higher end luxury streetwear & independent designers around the globe. Currently representing a couple of our favorite brands Pharmacy Industries, and of course, Art-Force-one, they also have a few under the belt we think are kinda cool including Toy Me from Milan and Mayson out of Australia.

PLUS, tomorrow they’ll be launching the Cyana Boutique a virtual boutique that you can find all the dope pieces they do. See how we got the drop on the hotness like that? That’s just how we do.
Check Ani and her friends out West:

Blog: CyanaTrendland
Showroom: CyanaLab

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