United Week. Night 1: Sway

  • We can’t get the image above out of our heads…the Svedka was pouring strong
  • “I really enjoyed your set” – Mark Ronson about DJ Equal DESTROYING IT LAST NIGHT WHAT!
  • Rob Flow dropped 3 Cool Kids tracks and it definitely made up for Chuck Inglish being stranded in LA.
  • Mishka got their Russian tendencies on with a couple bottles
  • Mary & Mary sold me on Vice magazine. Mary – Consider the offer, it’s a good look!
  • Roxy rapped out front for VIMBY.com
  • Tone, Mel D Cole, Kareem Black & Jerry Jack kind of took pictures, mostly drank
  • Meg from URB was the best intern EVER working an event!
  • We hung with the stylist from the cover shoot, she’s amazing, Hellastyle.com
  • Jon Moskowitz dropped by to tell us about his new project
  • Svedka cocktail menu is delicious, wow.
  • Forgetting because of the image above.

So, that was fun. Photos coming soon…

Special thanks to Roxy for hosting, Svedka for making it happen, URB magazine for their support.

Also, Mishka and Bambu for hooking up the HOTTEST giftbags.

Also, Ariel & Jeremiah for helping us with those damn gift bags all night because they just wanted to do that lovey dovey – that kiss kiss and instead they dealt with our crazy asses. (wii tennis – it’s on dude, i’m buying one of those damn things now)


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