United Week. Day 2: Cielo

  • Egg Foo Young is a sureshot and knows his vinyl.
  • Justin Carter & Probus showed you why the love is easy.
  • Tim Sweeney took the beats to Chicago – then space.
  • Bogdan got to play a record.
  • Equal will happily cashier your next event: cashier@thetastecrew.com
  • Lamazing is amazing with the list.
  • Cielo walk up traffic thinks $10 at the door is cheap.
  • Cielo’s booth monitors are better than your city’s best soundsystem.
  • Bud Light is not the same as Stella and that was BULLSHIT.
  • The Hiro traffic bounced back and forth as expected.
  • Boxes of United posters are heavy.
  • Lighting Controls are fun.
  • Cielo is beautiful.

Yes, we had a lovely time for the private Re:Up Magazine & United Tradeshow party. Egg Foo Young eased the room in with some thick acetate dubstep and funked it up with some more current electronica. Probus set it off when he hit the red on some big room bangers and Justin Carter had his back with some I-don’t-even-know-what-this-is kind of records.

Tim Sweeney came straight from radio with all the Beats in Space guys and set it off with a bouncy Chicago House feel and kept it as weird0 as New York Magazine said it would be.

We wrapped it up at 3:30 and headed home, exhausted. This is a long week.
Special thanks go to Cielo and Felicia for amazing amazing amazing hospitality.


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