Day 4: Frank151 Photo Shoot and United Wrap Party at Sutra Lounge

This was by far one of the funnest productions we’ve been a part of and the guys at Frank151 thought we were crazy for doing this.

TASTE executed a fashion shoot in the sexy red velvet elliptical room at the Sutra Lounge, during the middle of a party. The shoot was designed to promote the new line of Chop Shop & Frank151 New Era’s. You can see the styles floating around all the streetwear and lifestyle blogs but we have our own exclusive shots as well.

Our Photographer TONE worked with stylist Martina Kyubini, who brought her own private collection of high-fashion vintage pieces to contrast the streetwear collection we gathered from our favorite brands at the tradeshow. The brands are listed below and to check out more shots from the shoot, head over to to see where all the other sheets are at.

HUGE SPECIAL THANKS go out to Frank151, Malbon Bros Farms, Synapse, Sutra Lounge, Tone & The New Pop, Martina Kyubini, Ray Showroom and all the brands that donated pieces for the shoot!

check out:
pick up hats:

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