Artists with Taste: Ashes57

Even though the party above is already happened, our shining star of the latest DubWar was designer Ashes57, who made the artwork above. After researching a bit more, we reached out to get a better idea of where Ashes is at and she is KILLING it.

Continue reading on for the full interview after the jump.

First, thoughts on Ashes before we get to the interview…

1. Any female dubstep enthusiast should not be taken lightly.
2. Designing FOR Obey is noteworthy.
3. We’re going to the next DubWar – Juakali? Ashes? Guestlist please?

On to the interview…

TASTE: What is your name & your current affiliations?
ASHES: Delphine Ettinger aka Ashes57. I Collaborate with Dust from Montreal on

TASTE: What is the overall concept for your personal aesthetic?
ASHES: I try to challenge myself in my new projects by pushing it forward. I’m not trying to take an easy pass and try to find a new way to present my ideas.

TASTE: Any corporate projects you’ve worked on?
ASHES: Right now I am working on an animated drawing for a new MTV show coming up in March.

I was contracted by the North Face to do their shop windows last October, as well as the promotional graphic for the North Face Special Edition ( NSE) which was displayed at Alife and in the North Face Soho store.

I occasionally design T-shirts for Obey Clothing, (5 for next season) .

I have been doing snowboard designs for Volkl Snowboard for the past 3 years.

And, I’m also a contributor for various magazines like Swindle (Number 4 / 5), Computer Art, Cool’eh Magazine, Nightlife Magazine

TASTE: Independent projects you’re repping?
ASHES: I got a lot of good feed back about the last Dub War flyer/poster. A 20 feet mural in the stair case in this club in London.

TASTE: Can you tell us about Dub War, or your connection to Dub War:
ASHES: For the past few years, I have been getting into the Dub step music, Dub War is probably the biggest night in the East Coast for this type of music.
I met Dave Q, the promoter last February because I wanted to draw the portrait of one of the artist. Soon after, I was doing their flyers.

TASTE: Favorite project you’ve been apart of?
ASHES: A few years back, I was an intern for Shepard Fairey in Los Angeles. Since then we kept in touch and I have helped putting few installations up in LA, New york city (June 07)and London (Nov 07), and bombing with him in London. That probably my best experience .

TASTE: Influences?
ASHES: Graffiti, Street Art, Dubstep, Hip Hop.
Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Montreal, Paris, Downtown New York.

ASHES: Florencio Flazala, Stone throw records (the artworks on the albums is very good), Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Artists showed at the New Image Gallery, LA.

TASTE: Favorite cultural forums?
ASHES: I go to but that is for the music. But I love checking out, beautiful decay’s web site, and .

So kind of an abrasive end to the interview as we are all so pressed for time, but we hope you’ve learned about this amazing designer and we look forward to rocking with homegirl soon.

Expect to hear (and hopefully see) more about Ashes from us.

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3 Comments on “Artists with Taste: Ashes57”

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  2. danijel Says:

    ashes’ work is so-damned sexy .. can’t wait to get hold of the new gear she’s working on for OBEY !!

  3. foku5t Says:

    MAD PROPS to miss Del (Ashes) she has many many dope skills and is a very inspirational sweetheart of a lady 😉 Keep on killin it girl!

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