Art: Buff Monster!

Our buddy Dan, who has an upcoming artist feature here on, came to town last weekend to check out the big toy convention at the Javits Center.
Aparrently, a lot of people were in town for it. Since Dan was so cool to hook us up with some vector imaging and dope pattern work, I went up to The Showroom gallery on 2nd Avenue for one of the few toy artists I know about; Buff Monster!

I was going to get one of his figures signed for our friend, and then Dan walked in. So much for the surprise.

Anyways, point is, we got to meet the Buff Monster and talk to him about hot girls from San Diego and he hooked us up with some cool tags for the office.

Buff Monster is kind of the man. Super creative with a real fun style which is supposed to be inspired by boobs and ice cream. These are a few of my favorite things…

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2 Comments on “Art: Buff Monster!”

  1. thatartkid Says:

    should do a feature on mindstyle they make all the toys

  2. hell yeah
    buff monster be killin it
    mindstyle got the meds dont tell the feds

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