Shout out: PLANET B-BOY!


In hip hop cinematography, it’s rare we see production quality beneath the surface of mainstream pop-media. When something like this comes along, it’s kind of moving.  Dropping March 21st is truly one of the best documentaries, maybe…ever?

PLANET BBOY is a compelling and very….acrobatic documentary on top-tier dancers from all over the world. Vegas to Japan, Spain to New Zealand, these crews of immensely talented B-Boys train all year for the most important battle in breakdancing. BATTLE OF THE YEAR, an international annual competition which takes place in a small town in Germany with nearly 10,000 spectators!

Directed by Sundance Grand Jury Prize winning filmmaker Benson Lee, this film digs deep in the lives of the spectacular characters highlighted in the US, Japan, Korea & France. Standout moments were in the stories of the Far Eastern B-Boys family members, how they truly respect their culture which has been shaped by the concept of honor.

The humble pride of their own blood, representing their country is something so taboo for the US. We spend time bashing our dictators for their foreign policy decisions from a couch, instead of supporting our troops…

I’m saying.  This movie goes deep, it will make you think and it made me proud of hip hop all over again.
Good show Mr. Lee, no doubt!! 🙂


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2 Comments on “Shout out: PLANET B-BOY!”

  1. Planet B-boy Says:

    New Theatrical Trailer, in theaters now.

    More release dates will be announced soon. If you would like
    to help promote a viewing in your city, please send an email
    to the address below.

  2. Kristopher Monroe Says:

    Not quite as great as The Freshest Kids, in my opinion but a very close second!

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