This past Friday we were lucky enough to hang out at The Roots “Rising Down” sessions. As a project for their new album, they invited the industry elite to Legacy Recording Studios for a private jam session where they were rehearsing the new album.

While I was there, I met Hilary Sol next to the buffet table. She was standing with another photographer who was shooting for Flaunt Magazine that night. I asked them both how they were approaching the shoot and when the Flaunt photographer gave a weak answer ‘portraits’, Hilary explained she was shooting entirely on film with Holgas, vintage 35mm’s and Polaroids.

Her story of how she got there was also quite unique, a random call from OkayPlayer which led to a voicemail from Rich, The Roots manager, which led to a week in NYC to shoot the album cover at the jam session.

Hilary’s work is stellar. Check her out…
Hilary’s Flickr

update: she’s not shooting the album cover, there was a lot of second hand _____ smoke in there, sorry Hilary.

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  1. LAMIZZLE Says:

    Congratulations, Hillary. the shots are dope!

  2. hilary sol Says:

    wow guys, thanks. Very nice of you to write this blurb on me, i’m blushing- ya’ll are too nice! I just have to add that I am not shooting the album cover, that was picked out before I got there, it’s a great piece of work. You can see it here: http://www.okayplayer.com/promos/Rising-Down-with-spine.jpg

    Thank you thank you thank you! And nice meetin’ you!

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