“it’s gold!” – iheartcomix

Nickhook.1, a dance mix exclusive for Taste
Read more for the story and the tracklisting…

hercules and love affair- blind (frankie knuckles remix)
claude von stroke- beware of the bird (dirtybird) original mix
ace of the clubs- fruit acid
eli escobar- one evening
model 500- starlight
metro area- erodyne
the tuss= alspacka
dj spen- alt mix(tedd’s beat goes on)
modeselector- white flash
rekid- next stop chicago ( jesse rose mix)
frankie bones- break goes on & on
green velvet- explorer
egg foo young- up it
nine inch nails- ghosts 1
men women and children- dance in my blood(justin v/tyler pope remix)
kid cudi- day and night]


“I start everyday with a coffee from 9th street espresso in the east village. Then I go out on the bench, smoke some cigarettes and collect my thoughts to make the day go by exactly how I want it. I realized that it was time for me to go home and blast out a mix.

It had been a while since I made one and I was feeling really inspired by quite a bit of music lately. Sometimes you realize that often when you’re djing you have to completely take whats important to you out of the equation and satisfy the crowd.

SO, I had the idea to make a mix that i would want to hear in 2 situations.

THE FIRST: being on my skateboard rolling thru new york right when the sun starts to go down
THE SECOND: being 3:30a.m. to 4:15 when the club knows something great is going on and lets you stay open for another few minutes.

I finished this up and rolled by 647 Broadway which was the original loft and kind of hoped that maybe in 2008 I can help carry some of that spirit on.

To bring things full circle, my long time 9th street confidant Joey Rubin heard the mix and was interested in making it a TASTE exclusive. Obviously, I happily obliged since its a company I support and believe in strongly.

Now you have the music and we plan to do this monthly. Please support the artists on this mix and in my eyes they are all doing things that people should be hearing whether the music is old or new.”

nick hook & taste

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