We hung out with Morse Code last night and delighted as we were to hear “I Gotcha Opin” in that 1Oak club, the Biggie mashup took the cake.

Read the super exclusive doing laundry and talking to other people interview with DJ MORSE CODE after the jump…
J: where is the netherlands?
Morse Code: um…europe dawg

J: what do you call people who live in the netherlands
Morse Code: dutch

J: do you know anyone in Europe?
Morse Code: yeah uh….yeah i think a couple, haha, some relatives and whatnot

do you know what they call a quarter pounder in france?
Morse Code: royaaaale with cheeese

J: what kind of set are you guys working on?
Morse Code: lil this lil that…hip hop to dance, oonce oonce oonce, technical wizardry, witches and warlocks

J: where is equal right now?
Morse Code: sittin right here on his labtop

J: where are you right now?
Morse Code: physically or mentally? or spiritually?

J: like, religion
Morse Code: cultural jew, riddim and culture

J: what is your most essential item you’re bringing on tour
Morse Code: boxers and briefs, fresh, laundered, pressed to perfection, word

J: how you feel about djing with equal?
Morse Code: its not bad..he aiiight

J: who is your favorite dj ever
Morse Code: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, prolly J.Rocc

J: word?
Morse Code: yup, fav all around dj, best mixtapes by far, one of the biggest influences of mine

J: what is your favorite club to play in NY
Morse Code: 205 doggish!!!

J: what was the last celebrity gig you did? , hrry up, trying to do my linens
Morse Code: us weekly party thurs night with steve aoki, last thurs, in the city of lost angels

J: who was the biggest celebrity there
Morse Code: um…hahaha…Ian Ziering from 90210

Morse Code: HAHAHAHA

J: what’s the worst gig you played this past year
Morse Code: damn i dont know i gotta think about it

Morse Code: i dont remember the bad gigs i block them out of my memory, post traumatic stress and shit, feel me

9:30 PM

J: that’s enough, im tired and had a cocktail with cucumber
Morse Code: great job!

delicious spring drink, gotta jet son duke, what are we doing tonight
Morse Code: 1 OAK

J: what time are you playing?
Morse Code: me and eli escobar, 1-430 back and forth, i’ll prolly jump on at 2

J: ok, dang ziggy i got the 9:am flight, we’ll make it happen, i’m ghostly international, pz
Morse Code: oh schnapple, paaace

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