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August 21, 2008


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Since our secret source passed along this guy Onra, we haven’t left his Myspace page all day. Mostly because of the instrumental “What’s Next”, and “My Comet”.

Onra, along with his partner pianist Byron the Aquarius, formed the group The Big Payback, a soulful and worldly sounding production duo where Onra programs drums and samples, and Byron plays the Rhodes and assorted synths. In 2007, Cinnaman & Jay Scarlett hand selected their track “Cosmic Travelling” for the Beat Dimensions compilation released on Rush Hour. A nice feather in the hat for The Big Payback in future electronic music.

What’s he doing now?
Onra is about to head out to Barcelona for his “2nd Term” of the Red Bull Music Academy, a place where we found other crazy talents like Clonius who produced the Rob Swift & DJ Equal intro for our show on XM Radio.

Make sure to check out the Youtube spot he did for Coca Cola on his page.
Look out for this dude.



July 2, 2008


Nomo is like Holy Fuck VS. Toubab Krewe, which might not mean much unless you’re a Pitchfork regular, or a friend of ours for a long time.

Holy Fuck is a Casio modding indie rock group that pulls tweaked synth sounds from assorted and distorted electronics. Toubab Krewe is an Afro influenced rock group of Asheville NC which leans toward more traditional West African music… in the middle lies Nomo.

The band harps melodic horns and distorted keys, the thumb piano and drums of African descent, and the sound of a summer rooftop friendly album that pairs perfectly with some sangria and chaise lounge. Their new album out on Ubiquity made us open the office door and kick up our feet by the 2nd track.

Nomo hits New York City July 11, 12 & 13th.
Visit their Myspace for more info.


April 22, 2008

When I first asked Deitch about Lettuce he gave me a look like I blew a huge surprise.
Well, cats out the bag! Today we got the first press release for Lettuce’s new release “Rage”.

We weren’t really amazed when we heard the music, it’s the same quality we’ve expected from the NY crew. We’ve seen them all in different projects around town, they all got it. This just gives us an excuse to let you know what’s out there.

Check out Lettuce soon.


April 7, 2008

LaMae has the best description for our friends from Amsterdam..
“It’s like Gogol Bordelo, Hot Chip, Electro/Hip Hop with 4 guys from Amsterdam and they all sing.”
(I would also add DJ Revolution and the Beach Boys.)

C-Mon and Kypski have one of the most entertaining live sets I’ve ever seen. Whistles and mpc’s, drums with turntables on top of them and a cast of 4 characters from the Netherlands who have a limited edition Nike Dunk designed for them.

The set ranges from heavy rocking out, to throwback hip hop breaks and turntablism, to something with farts and awkward key stabs. It’s really hard to explain actually, you kind of have to see it and lucky enough they’re out on tour with Lotus for the next few weeks.

Plus, we love the music videos.