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April 7, 2008

LaMae has the best description for our friends from Amsterdam..
“It’s like Gogol Bordelo, Hot Chip, Electro/Hip Hop with 4 guys from Amsterdam and they all sing.”
(I would also add DJ Revolution and the Beach Boys.)

C-Mon and Kypski have one of the most entertaining live sets I’ve ever seen. Whistles and mpc’s, drums with turntables on top of them and a cast of 4 characters from the Netherlands who have a limited edition Nike Dunk designed for them.

The set ranges from heavy rocking out, to throwback hip hop breaks and turntablism, to something with farts and awkward key stabs. It’s really hard to explain actually, you kind of have to see it and lucky enough they’re out on tour with Lotus for the next few weeks.

Plus, we love the music videos.