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April 8, 2008

Don’t let the bottle of Veuve fool you, the real desire in this shot should be the collection in the library above the seating.

On April 3rd, the indie publishing house, Powerhouse Books, installed and debuted a library in the mega-club Mansion residing in 28th and club land.

POWERHOUSE is a publishing company with great taste.
Some of our favorite books on contemporary culture influenced by music, fashion and art have been coming out of the POWERHOUSE ARENA in Dumbo. Not to mention they’ve been putting hip-hop back in the fine art world like Patti Astor in Wild Style.

(REVOK installation at the Powerhouse Arena)

You can find all of these great books and art over in DUMBO at the great space that is the Powerhouse Arena, a multi-tiered corner lot space with high ceilings and big windows, perfect for all their release parties with Brooklyn Lager.

Big up Powerhouse, and whoever was smart as hell over at Mansion to make that happen!